Pigeon Breast Care Pump Plastic


Key Features:

  • With PIGEON Breast Pump, maintaining successful breastfeeding would be a breeze as the breast pump allows mothers to release and store breast milk.
  • After breastfeeding, it is recommended to empty your breasts by expressing any remaining milk, as the more milk being consumed or drawn out, the more your breasts will produce.
  • By emptying your breasts, it also helps to prevent any block ducts that can lead to painful engorgement. You may express your breast milk using PIGEON Breast Pump.
  • Never use this expressed milk to feed your baby.
  • This Breast Pump may also be used as an alternative to express out any sour milk or contaminated milk due to Mastitis, in which the breast milk contains pus or blood.
  • Discard any of the contaminated milk. Use under your medical practitioner’s or lactation consultant’s direction.
  • For mothers with flat or inverted nipples, the PIGEON Breast pump can also be used in helping to draw out the nipples gently and safely.
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