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Canpol babies Disposable Breast Pads 30Pcs


Product Description:

Breast pads are soft and delicate, so they do not irritate the delicate breasts of the mother. They have an absorbent gelling insert that stops leaking breast milk and provides a feeling of dryness and freshness for a long time. A practical self-adhesive strap keeps the insert in place. In a package of 30 pieces.

  • Product SKU : 1/653.
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  • Suggested age 0m+Suggested age 0m+.
  • They are soft and delicate and do not irritate mum’s sensitive breasts.
  • They contain a gelling insert which absorbs fluids, prevents leaking and ensures the sense of dryness and freshness for a long time.
  • Comfortable adhesive strip holds the pad in an appropriate place.


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