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Canpol babies EasyStart Electric Breast Pump


Product Description:

The Electric Breast Pump EasyStart effectively supports and regulates lactation. It protects breasts against milk stagnation and facilitates feeding during a mass of food. Breast pump maps the natural two-phase rhythm of baby sucking. It works very quietly, so it allows you to relax completely while expressing milk.

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  • BPA freeBPA free.
  • Suggested age 0m+Suggested age 0m+.

    It has three modes of expression following a natural, two-phase baby’s suckling pattern. Stimulation mode imitates fast suckling movements of baby stimulating milk let down (1st phase of suckling), while natural and strong modes reflect slow and deep suckling (2nd phase of suckling).


    The three-stage, adjustable suction force allows to adjust the suction force to individual needs of each mum.


    Soft massage cushion stimulates milk let down.


    Two types of power supply, battery and mains, allow you to express milk anywhere you are.


    It is compatible with other Canpol babies accessories for feeding and milk storage.


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