Dolu Shape Sorter Happy House


Product Description:
  • Learning toy: learn colors, shapes and concepts like cause-and-effect; improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • 5 different shapes for sorting including; a circle, a square, a star, a triangle and a plus sign.
  • 3 color-coded keys with distance shapes: open the doors with the matching key.
  • Tiny hands friendly: easy to unlock and open.
  • Recommended for small children ages 12+ months.
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Dolu kids Shape Sorter Happy Playhouse: A Classic Shape Sorting Toy for Toddlers ages 12+ months. Match the shape of the colored blocks with the corresponding shape on the Shape Sorter playhouse. Then, unlock the door with the right key to release the blocks. The colorful shape sorter toy includes 5 fun shapes in bold colors kids love! This developmental toy promotes color and shape recognition and problem-solving skills. And, the hands-on learning toy reduces screen-time by engaging kids. So, go ahead, open the door to fun with the Dolu Toys Shape Sorter playhouse.


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